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Pray For Mercy

On May 21st, 2011 a wave of great earthquakes will occur, like none our planet has ever witnessed. These will begin the process of the rapture; as the chosen elect are taken up from the world to meet the Lord in the air and be forever with God. All who are without salvation will be left behind. Five months later on October 21st, God will destroy the earth and all of the remaining people…
With this message Harold Camping reached millions of people worldwide. Leader of the Oakland-based organization Family Radio, Camping’s prediction was backed by a global TV & radio network, thousands of evangelizers, and countless billboards. The featured image is part of my project Pray for Mercy, which follows the organization prior to and directly after the failed May 21st Judgement Day prediction. Family Radio paid for a mass of billboard spots in most major U.S. cities, as well as many other locations globally. Like most people, I did a double take when I first saw one of the billboards in early March. With a setting sun behind a silhouetted figure praying, I was deeply fascinated by the endearing presentation of the message, which boldly proclaimed the eminent destruction of humanity. After reading up on what the media was saying about Harold Camping’s message, I had to do another double take. It was easy for people to dismiss him as “crazy”, talking about vanishing Christians and eternal fiery damnation, but 41% of Americans believe what Camping believes will definitely happen at some point in time. So where was the lunacy? In the fact that he set a date? I feel like a large number of Americans began to privately ask themselves some tough questions, while ridiculing Camping and his followers. All of this both confused and enthralled me. I wanted to take a closer look at the people perpetuating this message and my camera was the excuse to do so.

[Interview by Alan Pelz-Sharpe]
This interview is done using Skype technology.

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